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Citizens Federal has been committed to local families for the last 135 years!  We are locally owned and operated, meaning we can provide you with fast answers and quick turnaround times from the day you apply to the day you close.  Our loan officers have extensive experience serving our community.  Let us share that experience and expertise with you.  Working with a bank you trust that will give you honest answers and have your best interest in mind is more important than ever. 

Call us today at (937) 593-0015 to learn about our pre-approval and application processes. You can also schedule an appointment to meet with one of our loan officers and discuss your future in person. Take the next step by calling us at (937) 593-0015.

Loan Pre-Approval Process

All you need to do to start the loan pre-approval process with Citizens Federal is the following:

          1.  Call us at (937) 593-0015 and ask to speak with a Loan Officer about our pre-approval process.

          2.  Provide the Loan Officer with the following information:

                    a.  Your last two years of W2 forms or tax returns

                    b.  Your most current paystub

                    c.  Your bank statements covering the past two months

                    d.  Your ID

Information Needed for Application

To ensure your loan application is processed and closed in the shortest time possible, please be able to provide the following information:

  • Buying a home - a copy of your Purchase Contract, signed by all buyers and sellers.
  • Building a new home - a copy of your plans, specifications, and the Contractor's Contract.
  • Refinancing your home - you will need your current mortgage balance, interest rate, principal and interest payment, annual real estate taxes, and homeowners insurance amounts.
  • W-2 form from your employers and a recent pay stub showing year-to-date earnings for each applicant.
  • Documentation showing the amount of retirement, disability, or social security income received.
  • If child support or alimony is to be considered as income, copy of divorce decree and court payment record.
  • If self-employed, copies of the last two years' personal and business federal signed income tax returns, a year-to-date profit and loss statement, and a balance sheet.
  • Approximate balance, account numbers, and institution name and address on all checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, 401 K plans, stocks, and mutual funds. Copies of statements of these accounts will be needed.
  • If the down payment is from the sale of a property, a copy of the closing disclosure statement showing the amount of proceeds. Please bring your signed sales contract if the sale has not yet occurred.
  • The names, addresses, and phone numbers of landlords for the last 2 years and the amount of your current rent.
  • Complete list of balances, minimum monthly payments, account numbers, and addresses on all debts regarding home and equity loans, auto, personal loans, and credit cards.




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