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Lifestyle - Our best account for only $10.00 per month with access to premium benefits.

Signature - Do you maintain an average checking account balance of $1,000 per month?  If so, we will waive the $7.00 monthly fee. 

Forward - For only $5.00 per month you get access to our complete list of benefits.  Our best value for our lowest price!

Choice - Do you want a low cost account with basic benefits?  If so, check out our Choice Checking.  Maintain an average balance of $100, or if you are over the age of 65, and we'll waive the $6.00 monthly fee.  

To access your benefits online or find additional information go to, click on "GET STARTED" and then enter your email and temporary password provided by Citizens Federal Savings and Loan Association.  If you have previously logged on and created your own personal password, then simply enter your email and password to begin using your Citizens Federal benefits.


Lifestyle Checking

Signature Checking

Forward Checking

Choice Checking










$600 per claim

$1200 per year


$400 per claim

$800 per year


$400 per claim

$800 per year


$200 per claim

One time a year


$10,000 in personal identity theft benefit


$5,000 in personal identity theft benefit


$5,000 in personal identity theft benefit


$1,000 in personal identity theft benefit






Up to $25,000 in coverage







Up to $20,000 in coverage


Up to $10,000 in coverage







During the first 180 days of purchase


During the first 180 days of purchase


During the first 180 days of purchase


During the first 90 days of purchase

Additional Information:

We are excited to announce that due to our partnership with StrategyCorps, we are offering the following benefits to EVERY Citizens Federal customer!

These benefits are available now through December 31, 2020! Click the link below to find out how you can take advantage of these amazing benefits!

Roadside Assistance:

   24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

      As a BaZing customer, roadside assistance is available to you 24/7.

      The roadside assistance is free to use for covered services up to $80.00  If your covered charges equal more than $80.00, you'll simply pay the difference.

      Coverage Includes:

          Towing assistance

          Battery service

          Flat tire assistance

          Fuel, oil, fluid and water delivery service

          Lock-out assistance

          Collision assistance

          Extrication assistance

      Call BaZing Customer Service at 855-822-9464, and BaZing will connect you with Roadside Assistance.  For more information about BaZing's roadside assistance services, see the Terms and Conditions.


Pharmacy Savings

   Save on Prescriptions

      Save up to 50% or more on prescription drugs at participating pharmacies.  Simply present you Heath Savings Card to your local participating pharmacist.  There are no forms to fill out, receipts to send in or deductibles to pay. 

   Health Savings Card

      To view you Health Savings Card on the BaZing mobile app, click the More menu and find Health Savings Card under the More Benefits section.

      Anyone in the household can use the card, even if they are not a signer on the bank account (i.e. children).

      The card cannot be used in conjunction with insurance or other discounts, but rather one of the other (whichever provides the greater discount).

   Mail Order Pharmacy

      Use our mail order pharmacy program to maximize savings on name brand or generic maintenance medication and have prescriptions delivered right to your home.  This service provides a convenient, cost-efficient way to purchase a 30-90 day supply of maintenance drugs at greatly reduced prices.

Eye Care and Hearing Savings

   Eye Care Savings

      Get discounts on frames, lenses, eye exams, contact lenses and LASIK surgeries with participating providers.

      Simply schedule an appointment with a participating provider, and present your Health Savings Card upon arrival.

   Hearing Savings

      Save 15% on over 70 models of hearing aids through a nationwide network of hearing care offices.  Purchases are backed by the Belcare Member Satisfaction Program, which includes free hearing aid inspections, cleaning and adjustments.

      Just present your Health Savings Card to the participating provider.

Identity Restoration ¹ ²

      If you become a victim of identity theft or other fraudulent crimes, identity restoration provides access to a fraud specialist to guide you through the complex process of restoring your personal identity, credit rating, financial security, and legal integrity.  This service fills a void by providing legal, financial, and identity theft restorations services.

      You'll have unlimited access to a fraud specialist to assist you with notification to creditors, file alerts and freezes if you deem such action appropriate. The fraud specialist is also available to provide education and assistance with common identity related issues such as lost documents, identity theft of children, travel related issues and more.

Cell Phone Protection ¹ ²

   To be eligible for this benefit, the cell phone bill must be paid out of the BaZing checking account the month prior to the incident.

   Only broken or stolen phones are covered.  Lost phones are not covered.  Cell phones that are part of a pre-paid or pay as you go cell phone plan are not eligible.

   All claims are subject to a $50 copay.


Buyer's Protection and Extended Warranty ¹ ² 

   Buyer's Protection and Extended Warranty will replace, repair or reimburse you up to the original purchase price, less any shipping and handling charges, for purchases of items such as TVs, tablets, laptops, computers, Wi-Fi routers, printers, scanners and other computer peripherals, digital and video cameras, home theater systems, electronics, appliances, DVD and DVR players, mobile electronics, video game consoles just to name a few.  This protection is up to a maximum of $2,500 per occurrence and $50,000 per year.  It also doubles the product warranty period up to one year.  To be eligible for Buyer's Protection and Extended Warranty, the item must be purchased in its entirety from your BaZing related checking account.

Travel Accidental Death Insurance ²

   As a member, you receive Travel Accidental Death Insurance overage.  Please refer to your Guide to Benefits for complete details. 

Accidental Death Insurance Frequently Asked Question

    1.  Who is covered by this policy?

                Only account owners and/or joint account owners, as on file with the financial institution, are eligible for insurance coverage.  No coverage extends to individual(s) authorized only to sign a check who have no ownership rights in the account.  See certificate coverage for details.

   2.  What is my effective date of coverage?

                 Your Accidental Death Insurance coverage becomes effective as soon as your eligible personal checking account is effective by your financial institution.

   3.  Who provides this insurance?

                  Accidental Death Insurance is underwritten by the insurance company named on the certificate of coverage.

   4.  How quickly are claims settled?

                  While every claim incidence is different, the majority of claims are settled within six weeks and within any time frames established by your state.

   5.  What happens in the event there is a claim?

                   The beneficiary or executor of the estate should contact BaZing Customer Service and request a Claim Form.  A certified copy of the death certificate and a brief description of the accident are required for filing.  Refer to the Claim Form for the filing procedure and other required documents.

   6.  How is the beneficiary determined?

                    Beneficiaries are automatically designated as follows:




                         Brothers and Sisters

                         Member's Estate

                  Joint holders of an account are not each other's beneficiary unless their relationship follows the above list.

   7.  What are some examples of the automatic succession of beneficiaries?

                   For a married person, the automatic beneficiary is his/her spouse.

                   For an unmarried person with children,  the automatic beneficiaries are the children.

                   For an unmarried person without children, the automatic beneficiaries are the parents.

                   For an unmarried person with no children whose parents are deceased, the automatic beneficiaries are his/her brothers and sisters.

                   For an unmarried person with no children, living parents or siblings, the automatic beneficiary is the member's estate.

   Note:  These frequently asked questions are designed to assist eligible accountholders.  If there is any conflict between the information in this document and the group accident/blanket accident policy, the policy will control in all respects.

Member Headquarters Association Agreement and Meeting Notice

By having an eligible personal checking account with a participating Financial Institution (FI), you and any joint holders of your account are enrolled as members in the Member Headquarters Association.

Your membership becomes effective as soon as your eligible personal checking account is effective by your FI.

The information and materials provided are intended for general reference only, and do not represent or contain specific terms, conditions, and exceptions applicable to insurance products and services.  This is not a solicitation and is strictly for information and enrollment purposes only for use by persons at their discretion.  For specific policy terms and conditions, please call (855) 822-9464.

Members are entitled to be represented at the annual meeting of Member Headquarters Association held the second week in December each year at StrategyCorps, LLC, 100 Westwood Place, Suite 400, Brentwood, TN 37027.

1 Cell phone protection, personal identity theft benefit, and buyer’s protection and extended warranty are subject to additional terms
and conditions. Participating merchants on BaZing are not sponsors of the program, are subject to change without notice,
may not be available in all regions and may choose to limit deals.


















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